Professional DJs looking to add a special touch to their mobile discos or events could be thrown by the amount of choice in lighting packages. You need to know what the kit can do and most importantly how to use it. Check out the reviews of course but to help with the latest in lighting gear, here's some red-hot colourful offerings from two manufacturers. Firstly, Beamz for its compactness and breathtaking effects.

Beamz manufactures quite a few DJ lighting packages but it's this one that everyone's raving about: their Light Package 4: Moon Flower + Laser Red and Green + Stroboscope 150W which has 60 x 5mm LEDs creating a fabulous high-light output. It works completely stand-alone and is controlled by a built-in automatic program or can be sound controlled. The compact mini laser creates an aDJustable star sky effect in red and green colors. Just add the 150W power strobe to the system and you get striking and flashing effects to rock out any gig - and here's the thing too, the flash speed can be aDJusted. This Light Package is perfect for live performances so mobile DJs can take it anywhere and be up and running in a flash. Mains adapter included.

Secondly, the American DJ Lighting Packages such as the LED FX Party Pak 2 provide low power consumption for use across every wall in any party room. The three-change set comes in a nice colourbox. The mini gressor tri LED has classic American DJ effect of red, green and blue beams that change colour (2x red, 2x green, 2x blue). Operational modes are sound active, with strobe and dimming effects. The Tri Gem LED are also sound activated and move to the music's beat while the 23 Sound activated beams dance and strobe to the music. TRI colour LEDs produces a variety of colour effects (red, green, blue, Purple, Yellow, Cyan and White). The LED Beacon red is continuously running. It has 56 LEDs and 30 degree beam angle. 6 operation modes. 7 different speeds.

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